Sunday, May 29, 2011

Betfair In-Play Trading (Minimax Regret)

Opportunity Loss (Regret) plays havoc with the emotions of In-Play Traders. One psychologically valid approach is to use Minimax Regret. For example, in a horse-race, assume your selection (AtTheWire) is on offer to back at 3.50 (Win Market) and to lay at 1.80 (TBP Market) and your calculation of edge dictates a stake of 100. In the Win Market, at what price and with what stake should you trade out In-Play to minimize regret? As the above table shows, trading out at less than or equal to 1.80 for 100 is the optimal choice! Note that backing your selection in the Win Market is equivalent to stating that, at a minimum, you expect your selection to contest the finish. Marked-to-Market (TBP Market), your selection is on offer pre-race at 1.80 to contest the finish and this price represents your best exit point In-Play (Win Market).