Saturday, July 07, 2018

Betting Strategy Calculator (Itty.Bitty.Site)

Itty.Bitty.Site is a new URL-based microsite generator, created by Nicholas Jitkoff, that is sure to revolutionise the web in ways that we cannot yet imagine (hopefully, in positive ways). To that end, we have created one of the first Itty.Bitty HTML5 apps that runs a simple assessment of your betting strategy - Betting Strategy Calculator. Or access via QR code. Enjoy!
Note: The app works in both Chrome - you may have to set Insecure content blocked = Load unsafe scripts from end of address bar) and Firefox. For Edge - Use context menu | Inspect element | Emulation | Mode (User agent string) = Internet Explorer 11 and set Blocked content = See all content (at end of address bar) and wait 10 seconds for page to load. The app will disappear when emulation mode is closed.