Sunday, May 06, 2018

ExMachina Handicapping Rules (Excel Add-In)

Many of us spend countless hours trawling through historical records in a vain attempt to gain new insights into the key fundamental factors that will enhance our sports handicapping. Unfortunately, our innate cognitive biases (e.g. anchoring, availability, confirmation) continually invade all attempts at a quasi-scientific approach to data mining. Ideally, we would like a quick-fix solution to this dilemma – no new learning required and automatically works with available tools!

To that end, enter the ExMachina Excel Add-In (32-bit and 64-bit), which takes as input a CSV file of historical data and outputs a set of decision rules. In brief, the goal is to identify the most salient attributes in the data file and to create a set of rules based on that specific subset. Note, it is very important to state that this Excel Add-In is only intended to provide an easy entry-point to data analytics for handicappers and is, in no way, intended to replace the advice and expertise of professional data analysts and statisticians.

If you are interested in reviewing how the Excel Add-In works, then download the following MP4 file – ExMachina Handicapping Rules.